WSS offers Premium Finance With Highly Competitive Payment Terms

Only available via our premium finance partner, AFCO Premium Finance

Included with this insurance quote is a “signature ready” premium finance agreement quoted at 20% Down Payment and 10 Installments.*

These terms instantly allow your agency to write more business by being more competitive in both the down payment required as well lower the monthly installments for your insured.

Here are the simple steps for you to follow:

  1. You and your insured sign and date the finance agreement.
  2. You must collect the appropriate down payment listed on the agreement, retain your commission and mail the remainder of the down payment to Western Security Surplus. 
  3. The signed finance agreement must be sent directly to AFCO

Please keep in mind that failure to fax the signed finance agreement to the number above in a timely manner may result in a processing delay of the loan and a cancellation of the policy(s).


Completed premium finance agreements must be sent to AFCO:

Email: or
FAX: (800) 624-2218

If the insured’s first installment due date is within 10 calendar days of the time you are ready to mail these items for processing, you will also be required to collect and forward this payment directly to AFCO at:

AFCO Credit Corp.
5600 N. River Road, #400
Rosemont, IL 60018

AFCO will process the agreement and send out all appropriate billing notices. Once the loan is set-up, your insureds may contact AFCO customer service for assistance via the following:

Phone: (877) 701-1212



* The 20% down payment is based upon gross premium and taxes. 100% of the fees will be included in the down payment.