Andrea Zenner Honored for 25 Years of Service

Andrea Zenner, ASLI, Senior Broker, Regional Vice President recently celebrated a milestone of 25 years of dedicated service to Western Security Surplus Insurance Brokers and its clients. Andrea began her career in the wholesale marketplace in the early 1980s. On July 25, 1988, she made the decision to join WSS as a technical assistant. Since that time, Andrea has been an integral part of the success of WSS sharing her dedication, loyalty, commitment to quality and strong work ethic with those around her.’

Over the years, Andrea explained that she has been honored to mentor so many underwriters during her career, the most prominent none other than Kyle Stevens, President/CEO, who was anxious to learn the E&S business.

According to Kyle, “We’re grateful to Andrea for her leadership of those underwriters and brokers who came up through the ranks under her ‘watchful’ eye. Her agents depend on her and she continually raises the bar for our underwriting team. “

One of the reasons I made the move to WSS initially was the promise of education and advancement and Richard and his team have continually kept that promise. WSS encourages us by offering educational opportunities and are not afraid to push us to achieve and move up within the organization.
— Andrea Zenner, Sr. Broker

Richard L. Polizzi, ASLI, Chairman explained “It doesn’t seem like 25 years, but what I do know is that Andrea has played a vital role in the success in this company and we are appreciative.